I have taken photographs since I was a teenager. I was inspired by my uncle Philip, who, in the early 70's would turn up at our house in Cornwall on his motorcycle combination with his wooden box in the sidecar which contained his camera and lenses. He took some amazing pictures of me and my sister and of family and friends. His prints were all high contrast, black and white and beautifully composed.

My first camera was a Balda which was my Dads. It had an excellent lens and took really good pictures, I however, wanted an SLR. The first SLR was a semi-auto Pentax with three lenses. A friend then lent me a Nikkormat which I used for years until I bought a Nikon F4 and a Bronica ETRSi. I returned my friend's Nikkormat and finally got into digital with all Nikon kit. I think I've still got every camera I've owned.


I can think of nothing better than going out somewhere with the family, having a grand day out, shooting frames all the while, then coming home and doing it all again through the pictures I took. It's like living the same day twice.

My favourite photographers include Salgado, Gursky, Parr and McCullen and I only wish that I could take a photo half as good as one of their crap ones but, I try and here are some of the ones I like in two galleries, colour and black and white. They are of anything and everything and are not necessarily commercial.

I have taken photographs on many occasions for clients and have been commissioned by the COI, the UKHO and others as part of the fulfillment of some of my design projects.


Black and White

I love processing film. I love the smell of the chemicals, the discipline of timing the developer etc. I sometimes go out with my Nikon F4 with one of my new lenses, which still work well with this amazing camera, shoot a roll of film and then process the film in the evening. The pictures below are both film and digital, I think the film is obvious but you decide. 

Light the Mines

Long term projects include images of Cornish Engine houses illuminated at night. I have amassed over thirty images since my first attempt in 1992.

A great by-product of this work is a pretty good knowledge and experience of lighting buildings at night. In fact I would say I'm an expert at it and would consider commissions in this area.

I'll be adding a couple of these to the store as prints in the not too distant future. you can buy a postcard of Robinson's Shaft in Pool from the  Heartlands shop there. I intend to publish a book of these images in due course.

Wheal Owles in blue. Near Pendeen - Wheal Leisure in the BBC's new Poldark series