Like most graphic designers I started my career as someone who liked to draw. Some thirty years later I still draw, produce paintings and illustrations for sale and provide commissioned images for commercial clients.

Below is a selection of artwork which has been used for client work or for personal experiment and enjoyment. Please check out the shop for my latest available print and follow me on twitter @PetePoland to keep up to date with new work.


Over the last twenty years digital technology has, as we all know, become more powerful and prevalent in our lives and work. Interestingly it has moved almost full circle, I still draw. But I do it using a tablet with a digital pen. Although some of the images on this page have been created, manipulated and improved using Photoshop. Originating artwork in vector format using programmes such as Illustrator creates an illustrated feel but with clean, flat colour and almost infinite resolution. These few images have all been drawn in Illustrator. Heraldry is a subject I have an interest in too and examples of Coats of Arms in vector form are included in this group.


I'm a 3D girl in a 2D world, how fantastic!

I have developed a unique style of illustration based on an idea that text and image can exist together more fluidly. Although maybe a little out of fashion at the present time the work has a very definite third dimension allowing the image to stand in it's own 3D space on a 2D sheet. This is great for integrating blocks of copy and is an artistic style I  have been pursuing for a number of years. The culmination of this work and the inclusion of my photography and photoshop mastery allowed me to produce what I can only describe as 'Photostration' a combination of this 3D on 2D style and photographic manipulation. The Ntegrity website being the first commercial example of this style.


The BBC Wildlife Magazine, Lotus Motorsport, Positive Health Magazine, SWEB, The Color Company, Bristol City Council, The Post Office, COI, World Television, Avon County Council and The Spark Magazine to name but a few. I have created info-graphics and other information based imagery for the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, South West Councils, the Xerox Corporation, East of England Assembly, Ntegrity Insurance Solutions Ltd, Robin Mather Bicycles and many others.

Line drawing

I love line drawing, using drawing pens and draughting film and stuff that they used in the old days. All my computer origination work starts with a drawing on a piece of paper. The images included in this gallery were nearly all used in commercial work and all were just line or line and wash.