I've been hooked by the Royal Navy!

It all goes back to the poster of a Search and Rescue helicopter I produced to sort of mark the loss from Helston of the Naval Air Squadron which has been saving lives on the Cornish coast for 50 years. I felt that someone needed to make a connection with the town and so I created my poster.

I took it to my Dad's old frame shop in Helston to see if the chap who took it over might want to sell a couple and he agreed, framed one and promptly tweeted it's existence. For a few days it seemed from my point of view that all hell had broken loose and within hours a few had been sold and the air station at Culdrose had expressed an interest in at least making it work as their Air Day poster 2015.

Wow! Said I. An air show poster! This is probably my dream job. Lets not get this out of proportion. I've been brought up with air shows, my Dad was in the Fleet Air Arm, he ran the air show when I was a kid, I worked in the Fleet Air Arm shop selling etched copper clocks with helicopters on them and that's why we lived there at all.

There's nothing better than seeing your work out in the real world. It has happened a couple of times before, Lotus Sport I see occasionally, Invest Bridgwater I see often on large billboards off the M5 and at Bristol Airport, surprisingly, but an air show poster? Everyone sees those!

It is funny how things go. I only did the Visit Helston poster as a lean times experiment to see if I could produce something which looked authentic and the next thing to happen, it's gone viral in the local area and I've got my dream job.

I have to say that I'm sad that the SAR squadron is leaving Helston, It's been there all of my life and when the Helicopter goes out with it's distinctive urgent Sea King whine I always wondered to what it might be going. ship adrift, yacht in trouble, surfing accident, cow down shaft etc. Would the people be OK? would the cow get out?

I could almost say that 771 has saved me too as the airshow poster has really put the spring back in my step, something which has been waning of late. So good luck to all those who've been involved with the Red and Greys and I'll miss you terribly.

And I must thank Guy at Pictures and Things in Helston and Bob Sharples, photographer and social media meister for getting the 771 poster out there and the PR team at Culdrose for trusting me with their poster, I'm extremely proud of it and I hope it fulfills it's role and brings in the crowds, it'll be a great show and I can't wait to see it.